6 Ways to Slash Your Diabetes Risk

This year, the World Economic Forum described diabetes as a “silent epidemic,” noting that it was three times as deadly as COVID. Ironically, the side effects many of us experienced because of COVID-related lockdowns and isolation—less physical activity, poor diet, weight gain—are major risk factors for diabetes. And that comes with potentially serious health consequences. 

Experts predict that one in 10 people will have diabetes by the year 2045.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

At Wigley Feet, we are big believers in prevention. Lifestyle changes are the way to gain true control of your health.

1 Start With One Thing

My number one recommendation is always to improve nutrition. I encourage my patients to monitor their carb intake, reduce the amount of simple sugars, and eat plenty of vegetables. Start with just one good habit and continue to build on it.

2 Eat Less Processed Food

The first rule of thumb if you want to prevent diabetes is to eat real food. If you eat real food, all of a sudden you’re avoiding the processing chemicals, and you’re eating nutrient-dense food.

3 Get Moving

Simple exercise is a great way to make your muscles sensitive to insulin and also make your body utilize your insulin levels even better. This can be gentle movement like walking. Make sure to use the appropriate foot wear. Hyperlink to diabetic shoes.

4 Do Resistance Training

Many of my patients focus on cardiovascular exercise, which is helpful, but the addition of building muscle also impacts the long term, with keeping your weight and glucose down.

5 Maintain Balance

Balance is key. If you want that piece of cake, have it—just not every day.

6 Relax

Incorporate time to decompress to your daily routine, take a bath, meditate, listen to good music. You can go the extra mile and book a treatment in our amazing spa Julia”s Touch Nail Spa. 

Lifestyle changes always do the trick!

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